Welcome to Salon Sustainability

Together we can create a better future for our planet

Salon Sustainability is a comprehensive waste recovery programme designed to service the hair and beauty industry.  We are able to recycle up to 95% of salon waste which includes aluminium foils, colour tubes, hair, plastic and paper.   Also check out our PPE Recovery programme.

How it works

What we provide

We provide 4 different recycling bins in 2 sizes because we understand all salons are different shapes and sizes.

We have a 22 litre and a 42 litre bin to collect all your recycling materials in and a cardboard recycling returns box to fill up to the brim with your recycling.

If you decide to have more then one recycle bin in your salon then you can fill your recycling returns box with mixed recycling as long as all bags are well sealed.

What happens when my box is full

When your returns box is full simply get in touch either via Instagram or contact us and we will arrange for our courier to collect it asap.

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Ready to get you excited about recycling

What happens to my recycling

When your recycling arrives at our depo we separate and sort it ready be to be recycled and remember 100% of our recycling profits goes to charities.

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