Welcome to Salon Sustainability

Together we can create a better future for our planet

Salon Sustainability is a comprehensive waste recovery programme designed to service the hair and beauty industry.  We recycle up to 95% of salon waste which includes aluminium foils, colour tubes, hair, plastic and paper, and we even run a PPE Recovery programme. 100% of our profit go directly to support the industry's charity, HABB ( Hair and Beauty Benevolent ).

Since opening up after LD 1.0, under the new Health and Safety regulations and the additional use of PPE, we have become more aware as an industry just how much waste we are creating which only adds further to environmental issues. Have you ever reflected on how much waste one client produces in a year?   Think of all the hair clippings , foils, excess colour mixed....OOPS!......ALOT! 


We are passionate about what we do and we want to play our part in creating a cleaner environment and to enable other hairdressers to do the same. We love to recycle giving hair & beauty products a second purpose.  


Salon Sustainability is designed to make recycling easy for our industry.  Whether you're a freelance hairdresser, employed or self employed, we are here to enable you to do your part for the environment..

What can I recycle?

Great News! You can recycle as much or little as you can. Hair, colour tubes, plastics, paper, excess colour and PPE.

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How it works

What we provide

We offer 5 different recycling bins.

We have a 22 litre and a 42 litre bin to collect all your recycling materials in and a cardboard recycling return box to fill up to the brim with your recycling.

We also have a 10 Litre Chemical Waste bin so all your excess colour can now be recycled and disposed of responsibly. The water content (which can be up to 90%) will be separated and purified turning it into clean usable water again.

If you decide to have more then one recycle bin in your salon then you can fill your recycling return box with mixed recycling as long as all bags are well sealed.

When your return box is full simply get in touch either via Instagram or contact us and we will arrange for our courier to collect it asap.

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