Plastic plays a huge role in salon life. Did you know that on an annual basis, we discard enough plastic to circle the earth four times?


There are many types of plastic – don’t worry and put them all in together.


At Salon Sustainability we will sort and recycle it back into granules in order that they can enter their second life cycle.


You might want to leave your recycle bins on the shop floor or perhaps tuck it away in a cupboard. Either way, we are sure that this is the right bin for you. Have a look at the size below: 


42 Litre Recycle Bin Size - 38cm (D) x 29cm (W) x 55cm (H)


Every recycle bin comes with a bin sticker that informs your staff of goods / items can go into that particular bin and of course the big NO-NO's! This is there to remind staff members and also to help keep recyclables from getting contaminated or mixed up.


You will also receive Mirror stickers, Shop windows stickers, leaflets and a PR Pack that will give you tips on how to become more sustainable. It's all very straight forward so don't worry. You've got this!


  • If you're not completely satisfied with your goods then please get in touch with us and we will arrange for a collection. Please note that items have to be returned in its original condition and packaging. Any issues, please give us a shout

  • Our delivery and collection service is completely free of charge within the United Kingdom