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We are pleased to have Enham 3PL, a Leading Disability Charity as our partner who sort and clean Salon waste before being sent off to our specialist recycling partners.

Enham 3PL also make and despatch new returns boxes and store and despatch our range of PPE.

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Beauty is not just external. It is everything: what you do and how you do it. Beauty lies in the material you use, as well as in the way you treat those who use it. True beauty is the shape of things to come when you make the right decisions. It is a philosophy. It is a culture. Our culture.  

At La Biosthétique we call it The Culture Of Total Beauty.

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For over 30 years, L’ANZA has pioneered some of the most advanced, cutting-edge technology the industry has ever seen. From care to color, L’ANZA uses the most advanced ingredient technology, perfectly balanced with wildcrafted botanicals and potent actives to heal, seal, and protect the hair. We have earned a reputation for creating exceptional products acclaimed for their unsurpassed performance.

Healthy hair is the foundation for beautiful style. No matter what type or texture, L’ANZA Healing Hair Care has a prescription to reach even your most ambitious hair goals. Healing Hair Color offers a full complement of Permanent, Demi Permanent, and Semi Permanent color options for you to attain the season’s trending hues or simply get back to your roots.

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The Keratin Infusion System proves that there is always room for improvement. KIS combines the best of American and European hair care into one complete and unique hair care line. The system contains a revolutionary formula that, in keeping with American tradition, focuses on restoring hair from within.


Where America is strong in actually repairing hair, Europe is at the forefront when it comes to techniques in hair coloring and perm. KIS now brings the best of these two worlds together in one revolutionary hair care line, with the common denominator for all products: the Keratin Infusion System.

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We all love clean, soft, beautiful towels but they don’t stay like that for long. With constant demanding

use and daily washing, cotton towels fade, shrink, lose their lustre and eventually become thread bare.

More importantly the germs that lie beneath are invariably not eliminated, even when washing at

high temperatures, resulting in residue transferable bacteria.


Your customer never has a 100% guarantee of complete hygiene. Regulations regarding health and hygiene are becoming stricter and more stringent resulting in the necessity of a proactive approach. Becoming an “Enki

Convert” allows you to solve this before it becomes a real problem without it costing you more money, but in actual fact saving you a significant amount of your hard earned cash.


Enki disposable towels soak up to 10 times more water than conventional cotton towels making them an efficient addition to your salon necessities. Their ultra-absorbency gives you peace of mind and they are bio-degradable too meaning you are doing your bit for the environment. Made from eco-friendly plant fibres, these luxurious products

are not only 100% hygienic but ultra-soft, highly absorbent and come in a distinctive embossed design if desired for that added opulent feel. Every customer has their own personal disposable rich towel which is 100% fresh and has never been used before. Cross contamination is completely eradicated.


Enki supply all sectors including hair salons, beauty salons, sports clubs, health clubs, healthcare and hospitality etc.

“Become an Enki convert & start saving today”

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At Salon Business Solutions we are starting a revolution in the Hair Industry. We are tired of suppliers taking their customers for granted, giving nothing back and are here to shake up the status quo.


We import Nine Yards Sweden, Everygreen PPD Free Vegan Hair Colour & are Northern distributors of R&Co. As a diverse, ethical, sustainable company supplying Cruelty Free & Vegan professional products, we have partnered with Salon Sustainability to introduce all our salon clients to a new, more sustainable business model recycling 95% of their salon waste.

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Ranging from the hair care to more glamorous scenarios, Philip Martin’s offers a range of products that satisfy all styling shades. The exclusive formulations and the continuous research of bio-compatible quality ingredients make each treatment a moment of unique and luxurious well being ensuring high performances and results.


The exclusive coloring cream, the oils and colored henné herbs are a distinctive plus that ensures to both the professional and the customers a perfect natural choice the special type of services and treatments which at best create harmony with the hair and their lifestyle.

Wellness of the body and emotions. The Philip Martin’s skin care range meets the demands of face and body with specific treatments in the cabin use and maintenance products for the home use.

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Vish is the industry's top colour management system which connects an intelligent Bluetooth scale from the colour room to the front desk, capturing all services and product charges. Vish also provides in-depth analytics on employee performance, color service profitability, and creates professional stock replenishment reports at the touch of a button. 

Vish. was designed to not only measure colour accurately but to use data and analytics to set prices accurately, reduce professional stock costs, and make life easier for stylists. 


Leyton House Professional are proud to be partnered with Salon Sustainability. As a Global colour brand we understand the impact and responsibilities of being environmentally conscious.


At Leyton House we endeavour to do our part and continue to develop with our Italian chemist, products that reflect the values of consumers including vegan friendly, ammonia free, paraben and sulfate free.


Our commitment to the environment and sustainability shows in our recyclable packaging, with both our cartons and tubes, as well as utilising renewable energy sources to reduce carbon dioxide emissions at the Leyton House manufacturing plant.

Becoming a More Sustainable Hairdresser in 2021

Listen to our Podcast on how to become a more sustainable salon. You have the ability with Salon Sustainability!

How to become a sustainable salon
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