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Salon Sustainability is a comprehensive waste recovery programme designed to service the hair and beauty industry.  We recycle up to 95% of salon waste which includes aluminium foils, colour tubes, hair, plastic and paper, and we even run a PPE Recovery programme.


100% of our profit go directly to support the industry's charity, HABB ( Hair and Beauty Benevolent ) & Enham Trust 

Since opening up after LD 1.0, under the new Health and Safety regulations and the additional use of PPE, we have become more aware as an industry just how much waste we are creating which only adds further to environmental issues.


Have you ever reflected on how much waste one client produces in a year?   Think of all the hair clippings , foils, excess colour mixed....OOPS!......ALOT! 


We are passionate about what we do and we want to play our part in creating a cleaner environment and to enable other hairdressers to do the same. We love to recycle giving hair & beauty products a second purpose.  


Salon Sustainability is designed to make recycling easy for our industry.  Whether you're a freelance hairdresser, employed or self employed, we are here to enable you to do your part for the environment..

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What can salons recycle? 

Salons can choose to recycle as little or as much as possible by choosing from our 5 recycling bins


Plastics get turned into pellets and sold back to the plastics industry to manufacture new plastic products.


Waste chemicals gets spun by centrifuges to remove all of the water content which could be as much as 90% in hair colour and peroxides.


Metals gets sorted by type (aluminium, steel), cleaned and reprocessed into aluminium ingots and sold on to make foil, cans, confectionery wrapping paper etc.


We make hair booms ourselves for chemical spills and also have a program to compost hair to help grow food.


All our cardboard, papers get processed and ink gets removed from the paper and is sold on as recycled pulp to make cardboard boxes, paper etc.

What our club members say...

Did you know that more people are searching for sustainable businesses and products!

We offer bespoke subscription packages to fit your budget. 

By signing up to one of our 12 month subscription packages, your salon will receive a monthly supply of return boxes and also benefit from discounted pricing.  

We are a recycling program designed for the Hair and Beauty industry to make salon recycling simple.

All our Salon Customers have individual bins into which they are encouraged to place the  appropriate waste by type. We try and prevent cross-contamination of any waste type but in a busy Salon, some cross-contamination will inevitably occur such as gloves and clips getting tangled in used foils. (Please refer to our in-Salon video on our website, showing correct practices for segregating different  waste types).​

Salons are provided with corrugated cardboard returns boxes that themselves are made predominantly from recycled fibres. The contents from each separate bin are placed into the returns  box and collected by a Courier who uses eco-start delivery vans and is actively engaged in assessing  and rolling out electric and hybrid vans.​

Full waste returns and PPE boxes are delivered to Enham 3PL, part of the EnhamTrust, a charity that  provides life skill jobs for people with disabilities and provides help and support to over 8,000  disabled clients. www.enhamtrust.org.uk

Enham 3PL sort, clean as necessary and bail the individual waste types ready to be delivered to our specialist recyclers. The empty returns boxes will either get reused or if damaged, sent for recycling.​


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Haringtons Winchester 

“I jumped at the chance to be joined to a forward-thinking business that really helps us sharpen up our green credentials and minimise the salons impact own waste and our carbon footprint! As soon as we had it placed in Haringtons Winchester the whole process has been super easy- from having the bins placed where we need them in the Salon to filling them and having our return boxes collected. We can’t fault it! And our clients LOVE that we are finally doing what we can!”

Jack & The Wolfe


“We were looking for ways to make our salon greener when we joined the Salon Sustainability Club. Shrinking our salons footprint on the environment has been made easy - the friendly couriers whisk our box away as soon as it’s full. Our clients love knowing that they are investing in a salon that cares and we love knowing that our waste is being kept out of landfills and our chemicals out of the oceans!”



‘As an eco-conscious Salon we were so pleased to be able to use Salon Sustainability to recycle our PPE.

A fast, speedy service given by JC and his team means the box is easily ordered and swiftly collected’


Becoming a More Sustainable Hairdresser in 2021 

Listen to our Podcast on how to become a more sustainable salon. You have the ability with Salon Sustainability!

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