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Plastic Recycling 

Did you know that on an annual basis, we discard enough plastic to circle the earth four times?


So it's not surprising, managing plastic plays a huge role in salon life and our goal is to create a "closed loop" advocating for manufacturers to buy back and recycle a percentage of their produced plastics instead of creating new plastics.


This is something we are currently working on and we will keep you updated.

What happens
to my plastics

Plastics get turned into pellets and sold back to the plastics industry to manufacture new plastic products. 

Plastic Recycling for salons

We constantly monitor plastic recycling programs instigated by British Plastics Federation and Wrap, one of the world’s leading sustainable charities.

We would like your...

  • Salon plastics 

  • Shampoo bottles

  • Conditioner bottles

  • Peroxide bottles

  • Empty hair styling products 

  • Any plastic caps

  • Drink bottles

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