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Recycling for the Hair

& Beauty Industry

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What is Salon Sustainability

Salon Sustainability is a recycling scheme designed for the Hair and Beauty industry to make salon recycling simple, clean and cost effective so that salon owners, stylists and freelancers can focus on what they love most... Doing hair!

Most councils won't recycle foil, colour tubes, hair and excess colour chemicals. We recycle the unrecyclable, giving salons the ability to recycle up to 95% of their waste. What’s more, 100% of our profits from recycling your waste goes directly to supporting the industry’s charity HABB (Hair & Beauty Benevolent).

How it works... 

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Artelier Hair  - Fornby

“I jumped at the chance to be joined to a forward-thinking business that really helps us sharpen up our green credentials and minimise the salons impact own waste and our carbon footprint!


Read more about what some of clients have to say.

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Haringtons - Winchester

Since our salon partnered up with Salon sustainability our clients have been very supportive by paying an extra £1 to their bill. It’s brought new business to our salon too.

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Jack & The Wolfe


''We were looking for ways to make our salon greener. Shrinking our salons footprint on the environment has been made easy.''

What We Recycle

We give you all the power to easily recycle up to 95% of salon waste. Everything from aluminium foils, disposable towels, colour tubes, chemicals, hair, plastic and paper. 


Foil & Metals

Metals gets sorted by type (aluminium, steel), cleaned and reprocessed into aluminium ingots and sold on to make foil, cans, confectionery wrapping paper etc.


Chemical waste

All the water content – which could be up to 90 per cent - gets removed and the rest gets recycled or incinerated as part of a clean energy initiative.



Salon Sustainability turns hair clippings into Hair Booms, which help soak up oil spills in the ocean, and stop oil spreading further and affecting wildlife.



Salon plastics are cleaned, shredded and sold back to the plastics industry so new tools and products can be made for the hair and beauty industry.



Cardboard and paper is widely recycled by councils. We recycle all unwanted salon paper and used return boxes so they can be repurposed.

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Disposable Towels

Disposable options are hygienic but it’s become an extra burden on waste. We have the solution. Salons can now return their used disposable towels to be turned into compost.

Trusted Among Industry Leaders


Explore Our
Pricing Options

By signing up to one of our 12 month subscription packages, your salon will receive a monthly supply of return boxes, saving you up to £75 and you will also benefit from discounted pricing from our partners.  You then know what your recycling budget is every month.

Your salon will receive regular shout outs on our social media. You will also be entitled to discounts from our growing number of partners all of whom offer products and services to help you to become a Sustainable Salon.

All Prices exclude VAT

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