Foil & Metal Recycling 

Did you know foils can take up to 400 years to breakdown and only 1% of salon foil actually gets recycled?


Exciting news!! We love recycling foils and metals.


Not only can you recycle your used foils through Salon Sustainability but we hope from Spring 2021 you'll be able to order recycled foil for all your creative works from our website.

What happens to 

my foil & metals

Metals gets sorted by type (aluminium, steel), cleaned and reprocessed into aluminium ingots and sold on to make foil, cans, confectionery wrapping paper etc.

Foil and metal recycling

We would like...

  • Dirty aluminium hair foils

  • Empty colour tubes

  • Colour canisters

  • Empty hairspray cans

  • Rinsed drink cans

  • Empty aerosol cans